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666G Tower / The Shard

You think 5G is a hazard to your health? Think about 666G! The Number of the Beast will make the deadly waves even deadlier- it will not only spread the COVID - it will infect your soul...

This is a part of my new "New World Order Project"

In the series I will be posting the wildest conspiracy theories. This is a fun little project and I don't really believe in the global conspiracy, NWO or Illuminati. I believe in science and evidence. I believe in reason. Facts.

But the conspiracy theories are fun to read! And you know what they say - at the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth.

About this theory:
"5G is a hazard to your health. 5G is the cause of COVID-19. 5G can kill birds and plant life. The lockdown is a government cover-up. Virus’ can communicate through the radio airwaves."

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