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Imaginary worlds creator ✨

This is my representation of my art and my creative energy: a magical Dream Trainer!

Created some time ago for the DA challenge:

My creative ideas are like wild animals - they just run freely in my head. But the wild ideas and dreams can be tamed! That's how I imagine my creative process.

"A wild dream can be tamed and domesticated with careful training. All dreams can be tamed when given the right proper training. Basic training can be done in around a month’s time by an experienced handler. A special bond is formed between the wild dream and the handler and sometimes the first process only takes hours."

I used this model of Inosuke - epic pose!
I'm on the mission to create 365 illustrations in 365 days in 2021. You can support me on my journey by and leaving a comment, like or visiting one of my other pages:
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